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Central’s partnership with 新锦江国际娱乐平台 is delivering outstanding results for our clients in the Care and Social Housing sectors.

Whilst HMS often tie clients to platforms our cloud solution is 新锦江娱乐平台官网 taking a 360 degreec view on mobility.


Enjoy immediate gains in productivity, significant cost savings through customer self-service and real service enhancement.

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    PanConnect was developed working with two early adopter housing providers, RCT Homes and United Welsh. This has given the service a unique level of focus and alignment with the business interests of the organisation and powered its take up across the sector.

    Initial services were focused on mobile working for staff in the field doing tenant visits. This has now been supplemented by a Care Module for care workers. Tenant services enable tenants to log in to a secure account via a portal linked to from, for example, tenant accounts or via an app.

    A detailed development road map driven by sector user groups keeps PanConnect for our clients fresh and ahead of the field.

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  • Working in partnership has helped us get exactly what we wanted from PanConnect and achieve savings equivalent to seven FTEs

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    Platform agnostic and Android and IoS compatible, PanConnect delivers seamless field working and related business efficiencies. It enables true offline working via encrypted, locally-cached, tenant information. Role and location based, action orientated dynamic tasks ensure optimum benefit from every visit.

    Quality of interaction is enhanced with tenant profiles and histories.. Information capture is delivered by forms with pre-population of know fields. Data inclusion covers image, audio and video. All files are written back to head office systems complete with time stamp and digital signature.

    Worker efficiency and productivity is improved whilst systems are streamlined taking paper and duplicate data entry out of the workflow.

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    Relationship with tenants are changing. Universal Credit sees a shift from tenant to customer. Forwarding thinking clients are responding with new services and new channels of engagement.

    Key amongst these is the provision of choice defined as access and convenience. Ensuring that services are available at the point and time of consumption, rather than that driven by staff availability.

    The Tenant Portal and Tenant App empower tenants to manage profiles online, review account statements, update key information fields and make payments. It also enables inbound communication through simple drop down forms for example for reporting of repairs or anti social behaviour.

    Interaction rates rise rapidly through targeted multichannel access whilst management, interaction and transaction costs plummet

    digital empowerment for tenants